Peach faux suede tee dress

Peach faux suede tee dress


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This year the California lifestyle is coming to Toronto. The piece draws its inspiration from the West Coast’s good life.

Stef Mouchie perfect fitting gives this suede shirt the brand’s signature touch for a dash of Parisian natural elegance. Accessories may combine form and function elegantly. This soft and lightweight shirt can easily transition from runway to streetwear. The texture contrasts an elegant and modern style.

  • 100% Faux suede fabric

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Stef Mouchie combines style and personality. You will find items and practical accessories all selected according to rules and criteria that foster eco- and social responsibility.

Our mission is to inspire people to adopt a lifestyle with less impact on the environment through design. We believe that it is possible to consume better and that being eco-responsible does not mean compromising on style. And if beautiful could also mean be good for the planet?

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