Spring Dresses Toronto

Spring symbolizes joy and freshness. When flowers bloom, peeping out from the melting snow, you know it’s time for a closet update. This year’s spring summer collection of Spring Dresses in Toronto is a feast for eyes. Keeping in mind the season, this year’s collection combines never seen before with been there, done that. So what should you look forward to? What needs to go out of your wardrobe ASAP? Stef Mouchie, Fashion House In Toronto brings to you what’s chic and happening this season.

Considering the season of flowers, soft floral shades and rainbow pastels are ruling spring summer 2018 like always. Knee length flared and A-Line skirts/dresses in pastels look beautiful and elegant while making a stylish casual statement. What better way to welcome warmth and wave goodbye to chilly blacks and greys.If you have pastels in your wardrobe, keep them right there and look for more at Stef Mth

  • Denim Frenzy

Denim is evergreen. But it’s time to look beyond usual jeans and jackets. From Marc Jacobs to Tom Ford, denims have been given a new lease of life. Imagine denim lingerie, denim knee length flared dresses, and denim coats. Denims have been paired with other fabrics like leather in fiery shades to create statement pieces. So embrace your denims and pepper them with embroidery here and there. You might just make a statement of your own.

  • Trench Coats a Notch Up

How we all love our beige trench coats. But this year’s collection takes our affinity to a whole new level by notching up trench coats. And how! Think feathers and tulle lined trench coats. With never seen before cuts and styles, the new age trench coats are to die for. Might as well take some inspiration and put your creative imagination to good use. Or maybe not and just buy from Stef.

  • Bright hues

Going for pastels doesn’t mean the bright shades are forgotten altogether. As a matter of fact, they shine more bright this season, with bright, bold colors ruling dresses as well accessories. Go on, bring in some bling. These are the key highlights of spring summer 2018. For the latest in chic and designer

Spring Dresses in Toronto

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