How to choose the right luxury dresses in Toronto?

Season is on the verge of change and you might be thinking about a wardrobe upgrade. Now every wardrobe has two types of clothes- the chic street fashion and sophisticated expensive labels. For every five economic dresses, you’ll definitely have two designer Luxury Dresses Toronto in your wardrobe. This is the ideal balance.

But let’s not forget that luxury clothes come with a price tag. So you really have to think before you buy. A luxury dress is like an investment. It must survive multiple seasons and so you have to take your pick wisely. Stef Mouchie, apparel store that offers luxury dresses in Toronto, tells about the various do’s and don’ts to keep in mind while picking dresses that last a lifetime.

  • Neutral Hues

Luxury dresses in white, beige, light pink, and off white never go out of fashion. Steer clear of bold and loud colors when you’re choosing a luxury dress for yourself. To add color to your look, use colorful accessories and play with footwear. Whites and its shades give a very sophisticated look. White screams luxury. Make the most of it.

  • Stay away from volatile trends

A style may be in one season but not the other. Watch out for those trends and prefer not buying them. You can buy less expensive versions from your local store. When you’re spending so much on one dress, you’ll want to wear it for long.

  • Buy dresses you can easily accessorize

When you can accessorize a dress with jewelry, jackets, other stuff, you actually change look of that dress entirely and that way you can wear same dress on multiple occasions. Buy simple cut dresses that go with everything. Don’t buy flashy luxury stuff.

  • Evergreen prints

When buying printed dresses, go for evergreen prints like floral, symmetrical geometric, and so on. Going for animal prints is a rather tricky thing. It’s better to stay away from animal prints. Look at the seams when picking printed clothes. The print should not break at seams.

  • Go for custom designed dresses

When it comes to luxury dresses, nothing works best than a well fitted and custom designed dress. An ill fitted dress does not look classy and will make you look shabby and wanna be. Go for stores that offer custom designed clothes for the perfect cut and fit.

Stef Mouchie has the latest designer collection of luxury dresses in Toronto. Great range, great pricing, and seamless service. A perfect time to upgrade your wardrobe.