Personal style for many can be elusive and once you get a hang of it, it is ever evolving. It is like figuring a permanent signature, you try, practice for a few times and sometimes end up with exactly what you are looking for but for many it is an ongoing process. On a deeper level, to find a style, you need to connect with who you are, as an individual to understand your likes and dislikes. To find what truly speaks to you, you need to explore and make some faux pas in this discovery. Although finding your personal style is an individual’s journey, we have nailed down some steps to help you uncover your most fashionable self:

1. Know your body type- Contrary to what is believed, body type doesn’t dictate what you should wear but it helps to understand what suits you naturally. Body type helps you identify your strengths so can start building on them.

2. Go through your wardrobe- Skim through your closet and look what you have bought over the last few years, the impulsive buys, unopened piles, and clothes you have been waiting to wear or fit into. The most repeated clothes point towards the style you are most comfortable with and prefer.

3. Label it- Once you know your favorites in the closet, look beyond the names and tags. Focus and pick few words to describe what you see, the vibe your look exudes. Are they modern, classic, eclectic or bohemian? Settle for a handful of words that reflects your style and write them down for future references to get a clear and defined idea of what you like.

4. Get accessorized- Regardless of what vibe you are going for, accessories are the easiest way to pull any look together. For a more feminine feel, opt for delicate pieces of jewelry or if you are inclined to a more edgy look, go for a cool ear cuff. A light silk scarf will give a more refined and polished look. Thus, with the help of an accessory you can further refine your personal style.

5. Find your spirit animals- The chances of finding a single style icon that defines you, may not be possible. Most peoples’ style is a mix, like a hint of Audrey Hepburn with a dose of Beyonce and a dash of Rihanna. Figuring out your influencer can further help you understand your taste. Search online to find and get inspired by your spirit animals.

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